About Us

About Us

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Why choose us

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced gamer, you will be delighted with our diverse selection. You’ll find a great selection of modern board games, D&D and tabletop games (including Warhammer and Star Wars), miniatures, dice, and unique items that you won’t find at the ‘big box’ stores. Discover the best tools, accessories, paints and hobby books to help with your project. Meet owner Matt who loves to chat about and teach any game we have in store! As a family-owned and friendly local game store, you will find that we always have room at our table! With some imagination, we will help you create a fun afternoon of gaming, no matter your age, style, or skill level. All are welcome to come, explore, and enjoy all the the store has to offer!

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About Matt and Kailin

Owners Matt and Kailin met in High School where they were fast friends who connected over games during lunch. Kailin went away for college, during which time she and Matt started dating long distance. Kailin graduated with a nursing degree in February 2017 and then Matt and Kailin were married in March of 2017. Matt and Kailin both grew up in Stockton and now live in Manteca with 3 cats. They still spend most of their free time playing games together.

Matt and Kailin made the crazy decision to take on owning a game store in the middle of the pandemic. They opened the new location in September 2020 and have re-rearranged the store multiple times to foster community growth and gaming.

Matt is the face of the store and is usually the man behind the counter running the day to day business. Kailin works as a registered nurse and continues to support the store behind the scenes managing the banking and the social media.

Visit Us Today!

  • 1126 North Main St. Manteca, CA 95337
  • Open 11am to 9pm Wednesday - Saturday
  • 11am to 5pm Sunday
  • Closed on Monday and Tuesday