Game Recap: 40,000

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House Tart Vs Hive Fleet Gusanos Del Diablo

The Knights of House Tart have been tasked with locating and retrieving some old Tech that was abandoned from a battle now forgotten. As they move forward their scanners blaze with red pips as a massive horde of enemies suddenly emerge and are coming straight for them. The Knights open up in a blaze of holy lead blessed by the Emperor himself ripping into two swarms of Termagants. The lone Vindicator Assassin sets his sights on the hulking Tervigon that is at the center of the Termagant swarm and hits the beast hard. They manage to wipe out half of the Termagants. The Tyranids Exocrine and Biovores unleash their own volley of death upon the lead armiger. While the Swarmlord got into position to charge the unlucky Armiger and before the pilot even knew what hit him the Swarmlord sank his massive bones swords into the hull of his ancient Armiger and killed him. Meanwhile the now enraged Tervigon spawns from its vile stomach fresh Termagants, starting a fresh squad and then refilling the ranks of a damaged squad of Termagants. With its hords replenished the Tervigon and Termagants move forward.


The Knights see these new threats and hunker down...

The Knights see these new threats and hunker down on one of the objectives and begin to rip into the same horde once more. Again killing a swath of Termagants and almost wiping out the Tyranid Warriors hunkered on top of a silo. The Assassin is able to pull a headshot off on the Swarmlord almost crippling it before the Precept Knight pushes forward to avenge his fallen comrade. With one sweep attacks the beast sending it into a Death Frenzy as it dies and the mighty Precept picks up the Swarmlords carcass and hurls it at the Hive Guard in the distance almost killing one of them. The Hive Guard and Exocrine engage the Precept set on bringing him down. Meanwhile a squad of Raveners erupt behind the Knights battle line they fire and charge at an Armiger and begin to cut into its armor. The Biovores hunker down and launch spore mines.


Hive Guard charge the Precept

Producing three units of them 5 in total throughout the battlefield. As the Hive Guard charge the Precept trying to bring it down but the Precept proves it's metal true killing one of them. The Knights continue to push up and are able to secure some of the lost tech and get ready to open fire once more into the Xenos filth. The Knights on the right flank stand their ground and let their mighty weapons speak death upon the unending horde of Termagants and killing them all along with the Tyranid Warriors up top. Leaving the Tervigon by itself. Meanwhile on the Left flank the The Precept kills the last of the Hive Guard and tries to throw one at the spore mines and misses. Another Armiger charges in to help out the swarmed Armiger and they are able to kill 5 of the 6 Raveners but not before the last one deals a killing blow to a Armiger and it blows up taking the last Ravener with it.


The Tervigon moves forward in an act of defiance.

A Mawloc erupt near the Precept and his Armiger dealing some damage to both of them. The Biovores open up on the Precept and the Exocrine takes down another Armiger.

The right Flank holds true and kills the Tervigon. They also do some damage on the Mawloc allowing for a quick and clean kill for the Precept to come in with the killing blow in melee combat but while doing so got too close to a spore mine causing it to do 2 moral wounds. While is armiger opens up with melta on the Biovores ending their existence. Leaving only the Exocrine left with only one thing to do....FIRE!! And brings down the Precept and in a final act of defiance kills one last Armiger before it could secure some lost tech

The day is won by The mighty Knights of House Tart!!!!

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