Game Recap: A Star Wars Legion Story!

Check out Elijah's narrative of a recent Star Wars Legion game!


The Set Up...

Count Dooku and his apprentice, Asajj Ventress, heard frustrating reports of a local farm boy and some nobody stirring up trouble in town. They decided to set an example of them.


In the Begining...

It was only dawn, slowing going at first. Some of the locals got too excited and rushed into a conveyor belt of death, Ventress pushing them into Dooku's kill box. Luke tried to lure Ventress out to no avail


The middle...

The farmboy got double teamed by master and apprentice, though he did not go down withiout a fight, knocking Ventress out of the battle. But Dooku, the master that he is, finished him off with but a flick of the wrist.


The End...

Jynn tried to assist but was thwarted, her attack just would not land. In the end, she had to retreat, losing control of the town.

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