Game Recap: A Warhammer Story

Welcome to our first game story re-telling from a community member! We love hearing all about the games in the store.


The Forces of the Arrakis 661st "The Patchworkers" vs Holderhek League of Squats

The Forces of the Arrakis 661st "The Patchworkers" were out practicing maneuvers and training their skills in their fleet. They came to a planet with booming industry, healthy citizen, and a suspicious lack of an Astropathic choir. The Patchworkers didn't have too look hard to see the small problem... The planet was under the stewardship of the Holderhek League of Squats!

Being true and faithful soldiers of the Emporer, the Arrakis 661st went to work using their newly trained regimental tactics. But the Kin of clan Holderhek were not keen on the idea of giving up this world, or the investments and profits they were toiling for. The battle of the Patchworkers vs. The Squats began!


First Turn Starts...

First turn saw the Holderhek Kin seizing the initiative, and since the Humans had so well hidden their armor assets, they were less concerned with their lowly Guardsmen who were is double stacked lines ready to push out and take ground. So the Holderheks used their Pioneers to move up and secure forward objectives, while their Land Fortress, Thunderkyn, and Votannic Council of leaders moved up to support. High Kâhl Nîyak had schemed and hidden one of his other Land Fortresses outside the engagement zone to have some reactive firepower once the Guard had decided to move.


First Turn Continues

The Votann opened up into the poor Guardsmen Infantry from a deluge of bolts and Las rounds. All in all killing abouts score of Guardsmen in different units and a single Imperial Hydra tank for their efforts.

The Commander of the Arrakis 661st was unphased by the death of his troopers as most Guard Commanders are, but the destruction of his Armored assets sent the Human into a rage!

The return fire from the Guardsmen was greater in volume than the Kin, if only slightly less accurate. The managed to kill a few bikes, a Thunderkyn, and with concerted effort brought low the lone Hekaton on the board. The true MVP of the first turn though was definitely the Einhyr Champion Vîya Fyragîte. Vîya managed to survive an insane amount of firepower from nearly half of the Regiment it seemed and only suffered a single wound for the effort.


Second Turn

Second turn saw the Votann start truly going to work. The Astra Militarum had finally opened up their lines and their Armored assets were more visible. The second Land Fortress came in to reinforce their right flank, as their left flank folded in an attempt to consolidate forces on the ground they needed to hold. Holderhek League knew the Ancestors are always watching, and so dug deep and began to grind down the Militarum with earnest. Destroying two Leman Russ and bringing the Vanquisher down to 1 wound, and killing even more Guardsmen.

The Commanders of the Arrakis 661st called the retreat and sent word for Imperial vessals to avoid the world until an proper crusade could be taken up to retake the world for the Emporer!

We hoped you enjoyed this re-telling of the game by our community member Marz! We love featuring other writers and games! Let us know if you would like to write for our blog!