Game Recap: Age of Sigmar

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After laying waste to an unprepared frontier settlement, the wretched rat-men of Clans Grakirk marched on to find their new prey. Bolstered by the presence of a blessed Verminlord. Along the march, the Grey Seers sense a crackling in the air, and before they know it the Dragons of Aszyr crash down upon the foul Skaven. Krondys and his host are fueled by a fire of vengeance for the lost innocence... they cannot save anyone, but they can make their killers pay with their lives

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The lines immediately fill with blood. Krondys champion was felled by foul machinery and vile magics that caused the elite stormvermin to ignore death itself, allowing them all to bring down the dragon rider in a flurry of blade and teeth and claw. The great bell and the verminlord give no pause to their assault, but the Stormcasts are never easily beaten. In turn they slaughter the rank and file clan rats while crashing down upon stormvermin and cannon alike in a lightning wreathed charge.

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After a vicious duel with the daemon-tainted verminlord, in which underhanded tactics won the day, Krondys fell. However, the Son of Dracothian made sure the icon of the Horned Rat joined him in death. An explosion of righteous lightning brought the Verminlord to its end. The skaven immediately route, and are cut down by the avenging warriors of the Hammers of Sigmar.

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