Game Recap: Blood Bowl - The Officious Fighting Falcons took on the Outrageously Aggressive Footballers

Check out this great Blood Bowl Game Recap from Daniel! It was so bloody the fans got free sauce on their Khornedogs!

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The Officious Fighting Falcons took on the Outrageously Aggressive Footballers

The Officious Fighting Falcons took on the Outrageously Aggressive Footballers in the last league match up game for week 7 (yes, this game was awhile ago)! And let me tell you folks, the O.A.F.'s truly lived up to their name in this one. Not even half way through the first turn the Humans had 3 players off the pitch, two of which were casualties.

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The First Half

The first drive was an absolute struggle as the Humans played their hearts out, seemingly holding off the Orks with dwindling numbers, as well as even getting possession of the ball at one point. But the Orks would not be deterred in the end. Finally managing to land a touchdown on the last turn of the first half! But not before taking out an crowd pleasing 6 human players in the attempt.

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The Second Half

The second half started off just as explosively! During the half time show, the Ork Coach could be heard talking about a blitz on the humans. And like a divine premonition, as the Orc's kicked the ball short into the side of the pitch, the O.A.F. players snapped to action, sending Blitzers to cage the ball and a Thrower to come in and get ready for it, all while moving other players into positions to screen the rest of the open Humans. The Orc's blitz was so effective they managed a turn 10 TD. Allowing the humans to try and regroup and wake up a few knocked out players back onto the pitch. The short reprieve was just the thing the Falcons needed to find some footing. They managed to score a touchdown when Felix #11 with some help broke the Footballer's lines. But the Aggressive Footballer's weren't done yet. Angered at losing the right to a shut out game, they proceeded to put a further Human into the Casualty box, and K.O. Griff Oberwald. With the Falcon's Star player down the Orks ran in a final touchdown on the last turn of the game to the guttural and feral roars and cheers of the fans!

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The Wrap Up

The game ended in a clear victory for the Outrageously Aggressive Footballers! they won 3 - 1 earning the O.A.F.s 3 LP's, as well as 1 for 3 TD's, and another for 3 or more (emphasis on more) Casualties. It was a truly fantastic game, with some wild moments. The Humans had made a really daring move in the first half where French Fry made a couple of choice dodges, an immaculate pass, the O.A.F. semi star Thrower had to miss his interference roll, and then my Blitzer caught it. But the Humans couldn't put any more protection back there, and the Orc's sent that Blitzer to the infirmary and stunned the Halfling for the attempt lol.

Well.. that is it for this week! A great Blood Bowl game recap (that was told in real time on our Discord - so check it out for more great stories!) The store sees a variety of games including Warhammer (Blood Bowl, 40K, Age of Sigmar, Warcry, and more), BattleTech, Star Wars, Crisis Protocol, and more!