Game Recap: Blood Bowl Tournament Week 2

Happy Monday everyone! We are so excited about all the gaming that is happening in store! Check out tomorrow's blog post for all the details on all the things! Tonight though, check out what our Blood Bowl Players have been sharing on our Discord about their tournament for week two!

The Steamrollers vs The Ulfbirgers.jpg

The Steamrollers vs The Ulfbirgers

We have an exciting matchup for you today Blood Bowl fans. It’s the Dwarves vs Norse showdown you’ve been waiting for!

Halftime had the score at 2-0, the Norse were throwing dwarves all over the pitch. The real shocker came when the Deathroller that the dwarves grabbed with inducements was flat out murdered on the pitch! It was an incredibly bloody display that had the fans salivating in the stands!

The Norse wouldn’t be denied another league point by finishing three casualties; though we’ve heard from the apothecary that two of the dwarves will recover… they may be prone to hurting more than just their ego in future matches.

That’s not to say that the dwarves could let the Norse have their way, also throwing three bodies into the casualty box (the dwarves were almost able to kill the beer boars and have a great after game beer and bacon bash, but it wasn’t meant to be).

The final score had the Norse beat the Dwarves 3-1! The Norse pull away 5 league points and the Dwarves gained 1.

Amazon prime vs. O.A.F..jpg

Amazon prime vs. O.A.F.

I know what you are think dash vs bash. Traditional match up. However the amazons were 490,000 tv behind O.A.F. Enter The Mighty Zug and Glotl Stop. All of a sudden the Amazons have the strength advantage. Amazons won the kick off and got to punch first, I mean receive. It was an all out brawl and and the amazons forgot the bowl part of blood bowl.

The orks sacked the ball carrier and #12 for O.A.F. Picked up the ball and scored a touchdown on the top of turn 6. With little hope of scoring the amazons set up for a quick round of punching before the half was over. Kick of time, and the Amazons decided the best way to negate on the ball was to simply kick it to the thrower with the skill. A lot of bashing latter(To much bashing honestly) the amazons squeeze the ball loose.

Then proceed to turn over for a while then on turn 8 pick up the ball, go for it twice, hand off the ball, then proceed to go for it one last time for the td. Isn’t it against the rules for someone to get a TD on a go for it. Oh well. Tie game 1-1 1 league point each.

Undead Champions Korpse-a Kai faced off against the mighty Shockers.jpg

Undead Champions Korpse-a Kai versus Shockers

The returning Undead Champions Korpse-a Kai faced off against the mighty Shockers in a league match that could have gone either way!

The Amazons showed up a little worse for wear, as it looked like they had been attacked before the match had even started! An investigation is in process as we speak led by our very own "Blind" Barry Ghostic! We will report if he actually is able to learn anything more!

The Undead received the kick in the 1st half and judging by their dominance of the line of slaughter seemed to be cruising on their way to a victory. Bones Jackson scored his 2nd touchdown of the season, and not to be outdone Maxx Casualty scored his second massacre sending yet another player to the injury box!

But the second half would show the resolve of these gutsy Amazon warriors! Down by a player they managed to slip through the grasp of countless zombies and scored a touchdown mid way through the second half! The Undead received the ball and looked to be comfortably moving up the pitch, until one of the massive defensive blockers slipped out of the hands of a zombie and sacked the ball carrier in what was easily the play of the game!

These Undead don't give in so easily, but when your hands are soaked in blood it can be hard to hold on to that ball as The Red Smile couldn't get possession even though he had a clear lane to the end zone!

The game ended in what we can only imagine as a disappointment for both teams in a 1-1 draw.

Coach Scary Silver : "I felt like we had them in the palm of our hands, especially after the hit....I mean tragic, unfortunate accident our opponents suffered before the game."

Maxx Casualty : "Well you know we didn't get the win. I'm sure we will regroup and come back stronger. We are a good team and we are just gonna have to break one leg at a time."

Ulfbirgers and The O.A.F.'s.jpg

Showdown between the Ulfbirgers and The O.A.F.'s

Showdown between the Ulfbirgers and The O.A.F.'s in a brutal late night match. O.A.F. was able to slow down the first half of the game forcing the Ulfbirgers to score on turn 7 of the first half.

O.A.F came racing back in the second half bashing their way through the norse in their way, Blitzer 12 was able to injure a Valkyrie who was quickly fixed by an apothecary use and he went on to score the touchdown to tie the game.

Ulfbirgers wasn't going to let this stand and in 2 turns with some well positioned and timed blocks tube Valkyrie was able to squeeze by the last orc defender to score the winning touchdown 2-1 earning 3lp as there was only one injury in the match meaning no more league points to be given out

There was a lot that happened this week - stay tuned for everything that happens in week 3!