Game Recap: Blood Bowl Tournament Week 3

Happy Monday - check out all the fun we had in the store for week 3 of Blood Bowl! Scroll to the bottom to see the results!


Scyrah's Shredders took on the Steamrollers

It was a real nail biter down here in the Dwarven Stadium where Scyrah's Shredders took on the Steamrollers. The Shredders kicked things off with a blitz, and with some playmaking from Emerging Star, Varis, held the Steamrollers scoreless and put away 1 in the dwarf Casualty box.

The Second Drive began with a quick snap, and the Shredders bashed their way down the sideline, before tripping just 4 yards from scoring. The Steamrolers capitalized, and began the long sugfest back up the field.

The Shredders regained possession on turn 15, but a knock out of bounds had a Steamroller fan throw the ball to the endzone where a Steamroller ran over and scooped it up for the winning TD!

Final Score: 1-0 Steamrollers League Points: 4-0 Steamrollers

Korpse-a Kai vs Sepulcher Stalkers

Tonight the Sepulcher Stalkers faced off with Korpse-a Kai in a friendly match that some are calling "The Dead Bowl!"! Getting right to the action, Korpse-a Kai fielded the kick and looked to have control behind Maxx Casualty getting yet another big Injury hit!

But the Stalkers would dust themselves off and hold strong as they began to pick apart the team, sending Bones Jackson to the injury box, and knocking out 3 more players! The Defensive prowess of the Stalkers was on full display as they became the first team to hold Korpse-a Kai scoreless on their offensive drive!

The second half had the Stalkers owning a two player advantage. As they deployed their cage and marched up the field they were in control, until a solid stance from the defense forced them outside. A timely blitz by Maxx Casualty removed one of the Tomb Guardians from being the point of their spear, and Hack Burton managed to squeeze in and jar the ball loose. He scooped it up and made the slower team miss to get out in the open!

One of the Stalkers' linemen attempted to sack the ball carrier, but was rebuffed and knocked to the ground! Hack Burton scores his second touchdown of the season as the clock ran out, giving Korpse-a Kai a last second victory!

Maxx Casualty : "If they are gonna keep standing in front of me, I'm gonna keep smashing them!"

Hack Burton : "When the game is on the line, and you've got a monster lineman chasing you up the pitch, you just remember what ol' Hack Burton says at a time like this. Ol' Hack looks that monster square in the eyes and says "Gimme your best shot pal, I can take it"

Jason 1.jpg

Ulfwerners versus Undead Korpse-a Kai

Coming off of a big win in week 2, the Ulfwerners felt rest was unnecessary and met the Undead Korpse-a Kai in a game with big playoff implications!

The Ulfwerners were a heavy favorite, but the Undead had a few tricks up their sleeves. Namely the star player combination of Wilhelm Chaney and Bryce "The Slice" Cambuel! Even with these masters of Mayhem, the Undead faced a steep challenge!

The opening drive showed us why the Ulfwerners were so heavily favored as they marched down the field and scored quickly, putting 5 players in the injury box, 2 which were so damaged that even the best necromancy was unable to save them! Rest in Pieces!

But on the following drive these Undead snakes resorted to some less than honorable tactics, as The Slice went to work with that Chainsaw, and Mac the Knife would follow up with an amount of fouling I dont think I've ever seen before! Maxx Casualty earned his third consecutive casualty in a game chasing the record held by the mighty Morg 'N Thorg at 75! The Ghoul Billy Bowl Joel scored his first Touchdown to close out the half.

In the second half, our vision crystals saw the Undead coach handing off a bag of something to one of the refs. And "Miraculously" he was unable to see the chainsaw that Bryce carried with him onto the pitch! It was definitely a game of ball control after the carnage as the Undead were able to foul and Slice their way into the open field to score with no time on the clock for the Ulfwerners to get retribution!

Korpse-a Kai earns 4 league points and the Ulfwerners earned 1.

Maxx Casualty : "It sucks seeing your brother go down and not get back up. But I've been told we already raised up my new brother. I look forward to killing alongside him!"

Bryce Cambuel : "Hail to the King, Baby!" Wilhelm Chaney : "AWOOOOOOOOO Werewolves of Blood Bowl. AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


3 Games from Daniel!

First game was a Division Friendly. Officious Fighting Falcons vs. Amazon Prime! Which ended 1-2 making Amazon Prime the winner! Some notes on that game... Onion failed 8/16 Bone Head rolls, but still managed to get one casualty to secure him Guard! But overall a very casualty low game. The Fans loved all the fights, but you could tell they were let down by the utter lack of blood spray and viscera.

Second game was a week 2 League Fixture ! Officious Fighting Falcons played against Sepulcher Stalkers! The game ended 1-1 in a Draw! The fans absolutely loved seeing the absurdity of the both cute AND deadly combination that is the Stalkers players. For all their Undead resilience and ruthlessness, the Falcons managed to just barely keep themselves in the game. And to the utter fury of the crowd, it was yet again a very casualty low game! The cheers were starting to turn to savage roars! Both players gain 1 League Points.

And lastly we have the third game which was a week 3 League Fixture! The Officious Fighting Falcons vs. Sauros Smashers! Which ended 3-0 for a win for the Falcons! This game saw some brutal plays and the crowd loved seeing fan favorite Fettucine, the Halfling Hopeful, who truly tried to punch above his weight class as the Falcons managed to set up not 1, not 2, but 3 fouls off on Baymax the Kroxigor! But each time that tricky Halfling managed to break his armor, only to fail to do more than stun him. But that wasn't enough for the fans. This game was drastically low on any casualties, and the unsated bloodthirst of the entire stands spilled over and wrecked havoc on the surrounding areas! O.F.F. managed to pick up 5 League Points here (3 for win, 1 for 3 TD's, 1 for no TD's given).

A couple of other games!

It was a Sunny Day as Scyrah's Shredders took on O.A.F. an the Dark Elves kicked things off by stripping the ball and scoring a turn 4 touchdown. But that was the end of the good news, as the next 12 turns was brutal Ork Blocking, Strip Ball, and Touchdowns. Akhorne was taken down in the First Half, and Glorial was a casualty in the Second. The Orks just bodied the Dark Elves, 3-1 with 3 casualties to none. League Points OAF 5, SS 0

Week 1 saw 20 Touchdowns and 18 Casualties in 7 games. Week 2 saw 16 Touchdowns and 10 Casualties in 7 games. Week 3 has 7 Touchdowns and 14 Casualties with just 3 games reported


Week 3 Results!

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