Game Recap: GAR vs Rebels/Separatists

Check it out everyone! Elijah writes a great game recap of his 800 point Star Wars Legion featuring GAR vs Rebels/Separatists. PLUS check out the combination of his Star Wars Legion terrain and Daniel's Necromunda Terrain for one cinematic looking board!

OEliyahuO 3.jpg

The Set Up

The GAR had sent an occupying force to an industrial planet on the outer-rim! Advancing through the streets, they came across a bridge connected to several towers within the gap. Little did they know, the Seperatists lay in ambush, biding their time!

OEliyahuO 4.jpg

Oh No...

They were spotted! Not quite to the bridge yet, GAr spread out and battle lines were formed and the Seps pushed forward! The clones hoped to hold Key Positions...

OEliyahuO 5.jpg

The battle raged on!

GAR hoped for a quick pick on the bus with Cody shouting orders to "Bring it Down!" But it would not fall easily. The command bus sacrificed itself as a distraction and unloaded wookies into their midst, clones taking high ground in hopes to evade. As this happened, The seps kept advancing, chipping away at the clones as the Bus fell.

OEliyahuO 6.jpg

The Wrap Up

Having achieved a personal victory over the bus, GAR realised the situation was unattainable and began a full retreat, relinquishing the city... for now...

Rumors say they will be back. News travels slow in the outer-rim, but whispers of an empire have begun to make the rounds...

Such a great game re-cap from Elijah! We love hearing about the myraid of games happening in our store on our Discord server! From BattleTech, to Warhammer, to Star Wars Legion and Star Wars XWing! Join us in store for some great gaming!