Game Recap: Necromunda

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In the Underhive....

In the Underhive, a previously derelict tunnel had rumors spreading about it about the strange horrors lurking in the dark, as well as the abundance of loot to be found hidden in the area. The Genestealer Cults of the Shadow of Hive Secundus went snooping around for the promise of loot.


The Palanite Enforcers of the N.E.R.R.F. squad ...

The Palanite Enforcers of the N.E.R.R.F. squad went looking to identify and eliminate the horror claiming the lives of the civilians. The fight started very slow with the GSC managing to secure loot caskets super early, meanwhile the Palanites were stuck behind a locked door for at least a turn and a half. Turn after turn saw the GSC secure the majority of the loot, while the Palanites had to pivot quickly to eliminating the enemy rather than securing the loot.


The Enforcers...

The Enforcers assuming that the GSC gangers are the rumored "horror" of the sector started eliminating them as they slowly advanced towards their position. But even as victory was approaching the Palanites, the Kelermorph was filming the "police Brutallity shown to the "civilian miners".



"This is how Hellmar and his so-called nobles treat those under his rule; by putting a boot to their necks and a bolter round in their backs. We toil, we bleed to keep this planet alive, while they spill our blood casually in the underhive.... Rise up, all oppressed of the hive, rise up and take back your Necromanda!" - Sister Agatha, Daughter of Hive Secundus

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