Game Recap: Star Wars Legion

Elijah brings us another fantastic game recap of a Star Wars Legion game - we love that this is a regular reoccurrence on our Discord server and that we get to share this great game with everyone!


With the fullfilment of order 66, Commander Cody and his troops were sent to to quash remaining "seperatist" groups. One of which was run by a young woman and an old man. Hoping to sweep up the battle quickly, Cody fired the first shot and sent in a gunship to rake the bunched up resistence. The woman was caught in the blast, but still she breathed and limped to cover.


Constant back and forth fighting, the resistence trying to take the square, but Cody and his men held firm. His wookies (not privy to what happened at Kashyyk) finnished off the tauntauns readied for a charge.


The old man had some tricks up his sleaves and flamed several troops on the roof tops, the woman supporting him. Cody, holding down the square, over extended but nearly taking her out. In retaliation,one of her squads peaked the corner and plasted a scattegun into his chest with accompanying blasters. He was knocked out of the fight. The old man soon found himself dogpiled by wookies. Taking a minor wound, he disentangled himself and went Bantha-sh*t on everyone close by with his walking stick. Few troops fell and a wookie heavily wounded.


The clones, even the wookies, were enraged with what happened to Cody and went full offensive. Wiped out a hole squad with a Z6 and supporting fire. The wookies changed targets and charged the woman, whom saw them coming and fired off a quick shot, killing one of them. It was not enough. It was now impossible to take the square and those remaining surrendered to the republic... or was it now an empire?

Well.. that is it for this week! Join us next week for another Star Wars Legion re-cap. Or, better yet, join us in store every Thursday from 6pm to 9pm and play Star Wars Legion with some of our community!