Game Recap: Star Wars Legion

Check out another great Story Re-cap from Elijah on a recent Star Wars Legion game in the store!


A Skirmish Ensues

The Republic heard of a new arms dealer selling weapons to the Seperatists. Rex lead a small task force and initiated talks with its head, Lando Calrissian. Sadly there was a mis-communication and the deal was altered. A skirmish ensued.


Lando vs Rex

Lando's crew put down heavy fire on rex, but with cover and armor, they only grazed him. His hired wookies charged immediately taking fire from the atrt with little effect, smashing into a clone squad. As strong as the wookies were, their armor held only losing one. Rex supported his troops well and ultimately Lando's crew was wiped out


The clone squad tried to disengage but could not escape as the wookies smashed into them again, this time only one survived. Rex and the ATRT's focused on Lando's repurposed IG unit, but its armor held only take a few hits.


IG was still an assassin and performed well, eliminating rex while wounded in the process, ATRTs bearing down on him. The wookies though were set upon by reinforcements and gunned down as they supported the retreating trooper.

Ultimately, IG was finally put down by the constant bombardment by the ATRTs and Lando surrendered. Victory for the Republic!

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