Game Recap: Stormcast Eternals vs Slaves to Darkness

Happy gaming everyone! Check out this awesome game recap from Daniel featuring a Path to Glory practice - plus a bonus feature at the end!

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Tonight we had some Stormcast Eternals face off against Slaves to Darkness in Path to Glory practice.

The stalwart Stormcast were guarding a watchtower in their territories when it became under siege from a foul Chaos Lord and his forces. The Knight Draconis had sent out the Towers sole other Dragon rider to scout the area, so there was only the Knight and his Vindictors standing guard when the foul Chaos forces struck.

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And strike they did, hard and on 3 fronts.

The Lord, his Chosen, and the cultists he had wrangled up crashed into the Vindictors. The Chosen began to chant in booming and roaring voices "BURN! MAIM! KILL! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" and supplemented their prayers with a reaping of the whole Vindictor unit, even as the Stormcast began to explode and wound the Chosen in the blasts, the Chosen appeared ready to keep fighting even after already having done so! The Knight Draconis, seeing his men and women of his Vindictor squad brought low, calls on Sigmar for Aid and is rewarded with a fresh new unit from Azyr as his Stormdrake Guard returned due to the shouting of the Chosen and resulting thunderous explosions of her allies.

And with the explosive force of nature...

And with the explosive force of nature that their souls are forged in, the Stormcast proceeded to rout the whole Chaos Lords retinue, and leave the Chaos Lord at 1 wound. We ended the game there, as the Chaos Lord retreating shouting curses from the Dark God's over his shoulder!

Great game if a little slow to start with all the distractions. But, totally a blast to put the Dragons down.

A Special Additional ReCap

Had another game against some Slaves to Darkness, but the STD's had a different pilot. Game ran quite long, but I'll summarize. The mission had the Stormcast deploy a Vanguard force on the table with reinforcements off the board. The Chaos forces hit the Knight Draconis hard and fast and managed to kill him first turn, but not before the Knight and his Stormdrake Guard managed to bring the enemy Daemon Prince to one wound. The next 4 turns saw the leader less forces grind each other down to one Stormdrake guard, a Chaos Knight, and a Chaos Warrior. And finally the Chaos forces managed to bring low the last Dragon and pick up a Major Victory.

Thanks Daniel for sharing such great game recaps! We love seeing all the great games happening in the stores - Warhammer, BattleTech, Star Wars, Crisis Protocol, and so much more! Stop by and check it out!