Gaming and Self Care: Social

Join us in this self-care blog series! We are currently focusing on how games are self care and exploring the 8 aspects of self care (and the reasons you should play games!) Today we are looking at the social aspect of self-care.


When friendships are thriving, they feel easy.

You feel revitalized after spending time with them and know at its core, the friendship is true. It is these kinds of friendships that should be a part of our self care routine. The friendships where you connect and can chat about anything, everything, and nothing. This is what social self care is all about.


Games and Friendships

Games of all types are a great building block for these types of friendships. In the beginning, you instantly have a common interest on which to build the friendship: games! You can also use games as an excuse to get together with friends and further explore and build friendships each week.


Games and Laughter

What is even better, the more times you meet together over games, the more memories, inside jokes, and laughter you will come across. Ultimately, games are fun (for those who love games) and getting together to do something fun is an easy sell to new and old friends alike.


Games and Community

Gamer’s Path is a friendly local game store - and as such, we love getting to be a part of a wonderful community that supports each other and supports the building of these friendships! Being a place to meet others, to play games, and to relax is important to us and helps us to make meaningful choices for the store. We love being a positive place for building friendships and engaging in self care.

So there you have it... Reason #1 for playing games - it is a form of social self care and can build lasting friendships, memories, and connections.