Meet the New Owners!

Hi Gamers!

Thank you all so much for your support of our new local business! We had such an amazing time meeting you all this past weekend. We know that we have a lot to learn and we have some fun new plans in the works! But first we wanted to let you all get to know us a little more.

My name is Kailin and I have embarked on this journey with my husband Matt - and we are excited to be the new owners of Gamer's Path! We met in high school (that was soooo long ago!) and quickly became best friends - spending all of our spare time together. This time together included Matt teaching me how to play Magic the Gathering (because that is all he did during lunch and I wanted to hang out with him). Then I went away to college - during which time we started dating.

We dated and got engaged while doing the distance thing and were married within a month of my returning home. We have now been married for 3 years (where does the time go?!)

During our marriage together we have continued to play Magic while also growing our board game collection! We now spend most Sunday afternoons with my parents playing various board games - we started on Ticket to Ride and have included many others (7 Wonders, Catan, Lords of Waterdeep) - lately we play a lot of 6-8 player games since my sister and her boyfriend have come back from college. Our game collection has grown a lot in our marriage - it now takes up half of a closet - and we aren't about to stop.

Especially since our vacations and anniversaries are spent playing games in hotel rooms between adventures!

Most recently, Matt has gotten me into Dungeons and Dragons - I particularly enjoy playing Nailo (which means Night Breeze) the High/Moon Elf Wizard. And by that, I mean I am only ever Nailo and my familiar cat Boo is useless in the game because I refuse to let him be hurt, but hey, I am learning and having fun.

In addition to DMing, Matt also enjoys painting the miniatures (although we must admit, we have been known to use LEGO miniatures as our characters) - you might even catch him painting in the store some days.

Anyways, that is a quick overview of us - and we are so excited to be embarking on this journey of owning Gamer's Path. You will almost always be greeted by Matt's friendly face when you come visit us as he is the the primary person in the store - and sometimes the only person in both Gamer's Path and Bricks and Minifigs. I will be around sometimes, but since I also work as a nightshift nurse (and am grumpy when I don't sleep) I will be in the store less often. That doesn't mean I won't be involved though! You can always find me through social media posts and blogs. Although, lets be fair, you usually want to get in touch with Matt since he better understands all of the games!

Thats all for now friends - we will update you on some fun plans coming up and we hope to see you soon! For all the updates and events - subscribe to our email list!