Store Happenings 2/21

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you had a great weekend! We know we had a great week of gaming fun. Check out everything that happened!


Hobby Night

Hobby Night was a quiet affair with a few projects being being pushed further, including growing fan favorites War Cry, and BattleTech. Small Skirmish forces provide a chance to test out new paint ideas and techniques on different models.


Star Wars Legion Night

Legion Night saw wild fights between the Empire and Rebel forces, as well as Separatists and Rebels. The tables were alive with with crazy tactics, and a drifting tank, and lots of laughter due to crazy dice rolls, as both Rebel forces were repelled.


Necromunda Break Week Part 1

This week was the first of a two week break in normal gangland activity. Instead of scheduled matches, a host of special events began. A Rogue Ambot re-activating and smashing up the place, while two gangs teamed up on a caravan heist. The biggest and most loved event has to be the Juve Pit Fight. This event has been run over a dozen times, as single fighters fight it out to see who's the toughest. There in no doubt that more pit fights will be scheduled as the gangs continue to blow off steam.


D&D recap

The adventurer's were finally confronted by the Black Dragon, and were given an ultimatum: flee the swamp, or die. The adventurers made haste, due east, and left the swamp. They began their weary trip back home, while the shadows of war loom over them.

Well.. that is it for this week! We can't wait to see what shenanigans we get up to in the coming week! No matter what game you want to join us for - we hope you will come on in to the store! We love getting to play and watch all the games. So weather you are looking for a 40k game, and Age of Sigmar rival, a Star Wars rebel to fight, or just some tips and tricks for painting - come on in and join us!

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