Store Happenings 2/28

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you had a great weekend! We know we had a great week of gaming fun. Check out everything that happened!


Hobby Night

Hobby Night saw several Kill Teams and Warcry war bands begin their construction, as well as getting the first few coats of paint. With the release of Bloodhunt and Soulshackle, skirmish games and their terrain appear to be on the minds of hobbyists, including me.


Star Wars Legion Night

Legion night saw a test run of Moff Gideon and the new Dark Troopers. They definitely live up to the hype, particularly the Mertalizer weapon upgrade. If you find yourself against them, watch out!


Necromunda Break Week Part 2

This was the final break week, and players spent it doing gang pit fights, raiding caravans, and taking on rogue 'Am-bots'. Gang pit fights took place in the shop's new Gallowdark terrain, and the tight quarters combat made for explosive and short matches. Next week it's back to the grinds of the underhive.


Gallowdark Test Run and American Heart Assossiation

This week saw the store open and test out Gallowdark terrain in a Deathwatch v Deathwatch Kill team match. The different load-outs these kill teams employed, alongside the new rules for fighting in a space hulk led to a fun match. (Note to self: beware the two-handed Thunder Hammer). It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the store has enough terrain for a boarding action game of Warhammer 40k, or two co-currant Gallowdark Kill Team matches.

In addition, as this is the end of the month, Kailin and I are pleased to inform you that Gamer's Path has exceeded the goal for raising money for the American Heart Association . Thanks to everyone, we raised $210.

Well.. that is it for this week! We can't wait to see what shenanigans we get up to in the coming week! No matter what game you want to join us for - we hope you will come on in to the store! We love getting to play and watch all the games. So weather you are looking for a 40k game, and Age of Sigmar rival, a Star Wars rebel to fight, or just some tips and tricks for painting - come on in and join us!

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