Store Happenings 4/18

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you had a great weekend! We know we had a great week of gaming fun. Check out everything that happened!


Hobby Night

Hobby Night saw some new projects enter the shop. From the bulkheads of the Boarding Action terrain, to a growing Tyranid hive fleet, to an expanding Nighthaunt procession. There is always room for more projects, and you can check out many of them on our Discord.


Star Wars Legion Night

Stay tuned for another guest story post on an exciting Separatist Incursion.


Crisis Protocol Demonstration Day

Crisis Protocol Demo Day saw an Avengers team take on The Guardians of the Galaxy. Luke Cage turned out to be the real MVP of the Avengers side, tanking the brunt of attacks from Gamora, Nebula and Star-Lord. Spider-Man managed to to secure several shards of the Cosmic Cube and secure victory for the Avengers.

Well.. that is it for this week! We can't wait to see what shenanigans we get up to in the coming week! No matter what game you want to join us for - we hope you will come on in to the store! We love getting to play and watch all the games. So weather you are looking for a 40k game, and Age of Sigmar rival, a Star Wars rebel to fight, or just some tips and tricks for painting - come on in and join us!

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