Store Happenings 5/16

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you had a great weekend! We know we had a great week of gaming fun. Check out everything that happened!


Hobby Night

Hobby night was full of laughter and diverse projects. From Age of Sigmar Spells, to this Bunker Terrain piece done by Elijah, to MK VI Tactical Marines for Horus Heresy, a good time was had by all.

I want to remind you that Hobby Night is every Wednesday night from 6pm-9pm, so come on in and work on your project around other hobbyists and painters.


Star Wars Legion Night

Star Wars Legion Battle Report will be incoming, but hold onto your seats, as this battle between Clones and Rebels was a nail biter!


Blood Bowl Season III

As week 4 comes to a close, we are seeing a mass of casualties across the league, keeping the "Blood" in (and on the pitch) of Blood Bowl. The Order Division's two frontrunners are both Norse teams, looking to smash their way to the finals, but the Amazons of "Amazon Prime" are nipping at the heels of their beer boars. Over in the Chaos Division, Korpse-a-Kai is struggling to hold their lead against the 4 other teams that are in the hunt for a finals position, and something tells me that the recent tie game against Scyrah's Shredders did not help them any. We still have 3 weeks to play before the finals, so lets keep the Touchdown's scoring!


Shatter Point is coming soon!

We've been hard at work preparing for the release of Star Wars Shatter Point. The in-store demo kit has been fully assembled, and primed, so the kit is ready to be played with, even as the characters get painted up. As of this writing, Rex and his 501st have been painted along with two squads of B1 Battle Droids.

Well.. that is it for this week! We can't wait to see what shenanigans we get up to in the coming week! No matter what game you want to join us for - we hope you will come on in to the store! We love getting to play and watch all the games. So weather you are looking for a 40k game, and Age of Sigmar rival, a Star Wars rebel to fight, or just some tips and tricks for painting - come on in and join us!

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