We MOVED to 1126 N Main Street!

Happy Sunday everyone! We thought we should take a moment to make sure that everyone was aware that we moved into a bigger space! We are so excited about this move!

big room.png

Leading up to the move....

Did you know that we moved? Well, we have been in the new location for a week now, so hopefully you did know and have even come by and visited us in the new location.

So.. how did it happen? Well, on January 25th we learned of the opportunity to move a couple doors down from where we were and to grow our location. We have been so incredibly supported by the local gaming community and we strongly believe that this new move will be great for the store! On January 26th we went in and saw the place. On January 27th we signed a lease and on February 1st we got the keys!


Break Neck Speed Ahead....

Did you know that I really only have 2 speeds? Either I am doing it and doing it now, or it may happen eventually... maybe. So, after getting the keys on February 1st, my father immediately set to work on creating the new door way from the wall in the store so that we could move in! I worked my night shift nursing job February 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Then on the 5th Matt and I removed nails and patched up the walls!


We moved in 2 days!

This led to meeting our goal of moving the ENTIRE store while we were closed on the 6th and 7th! Which, with some help from this FANTASTIC community, went really quickly and smoothly! We finished up some painting, got everything organized, put our sign up front and were ready to open on Wednesday February 8th in our new location at 1126 N Main with some great new space for gaming!

We are so excited that we were able to host SuperbOwl in the new space this weekend!


And, of course, I am already thinking of what we will do next!

The first thing we are working on is completing the sign out front! We are so excited to have our big sign up high again, now we need to put a light on it for night time! Plus, we are going to add "Fantasy Games" next to the sign and that will light up!

We are also so excited to be able to use the rooms in the back for the gaming community! One room is being set up as a room that is available for private rentals of the table and room. So no matter what game you play - Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Star Wars Legion, or any other table top game - we have some great new spaces to play! The second room is currently housing all of our demo products and terrain as well as a table which we will start to transform into a dedicated paint space! We can't wait to see what all we can do with these rooms and the may ways we can grow!

A HUGE Thank You!

A huge shout out to all who came by and helped us move! We really do appreciate how easy and quick the work went by with so many people helping. We know that your help made all the difference in the world to our stress levels and enjoyment of the move!

We are so grateful to the community that exists and surrounds our store with such friendship and joy. We wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for this community and we are so thankful to be able to continue to grow the store and gaming community!