Age of Sigmar Gaming Battles: Stormcast Eternals vs Nighthaunt

In the vibrant world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, battles aren't just contests of skill and strategy—they are epic stories where heroes rise, villains fall, and entire realms are reshaped. Welcome to our Age of Sigmar narrative recap, where we invite you to journey through the unforgettable events that unfolded in a battle for the ages between Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunt.

Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals vs Nighthaunt

From the thunderous charge of Stormcast Eternals to the sinister machinations of Nighthaunts, every battle tells a unique story that captivates players and spectators alike. As you read through our narrative recap, you'll get a glimpse of the creativity and passion that fuels the Age of Sigmar community. Whether you're an experienced general or new to the game, these stories will transport you to a world where the clash of armies and the power of magic are only a roll of the dice away. This is where legends are made and stories are told—welcome to our Age of Sigmar narrative recap.

An Introduction

Within the eerie fog, were wails and blood curdling cries of the damned that Nagash brought back from their eternal slumbers. Among this fog a gentle ethereal voice can be hear calling to particularly for Krondys( @Marz (PtG: Stonecast) ) can hear, "We have not forgotten the humiliations you brought us the battlefield Sweet dragon. For that we send you a gift at your doorstep. This gift is to be shared among you and your allies for trespassing in my realm." For all of Krondys and his allies can see a bloodied Stormcast Eternal who smells of death and flickers in and out just like a nighthaunt. His soul damned under the Mortarch of Grief. Suddenly the sweet gentle voice grows louder for even the allies of the grand alliance of order to hear, "Do you hear the tolling of the bells? The weeping...the agony....the suffering of Shyish?! If not you will soon…” Wails of the dead grow louder along with the fog rolling in along with a cruel laughter, “Your death is inevitable, the great Death god Nagash wills it so…and for that we are obliged to make you ours. So come little dragon…come with your allies and face the might of the dead!” Laughter fills every inch of fog, “We will get what's owed to us starting with you little dragon.”

Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals vs Nighthaunt
Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals vs Nighthaunt

A game of Stormcast Eternals against the Nighthaunt!

Fog begins to appear in front of where Krondys and his army stayed in a large elegant Stormcast tower. Emerging from the eerie fog are the wails and shrieks of the dead. Floating above the unholy fog is the Mortriach of Grief, Lady Olynder. “Hear me spirits of the damned! The little dragon who resides in this pitiful tower has committed a grievous crime towards Nagash! We the Emerald host have answered the great death god’s call to exact his justice! Go forth and claim what is owed in Nagash’s name!”

The wails of the dead grow louder along with large guttural growls and cries in response to the speech. Then all went silent as the fog began to lower, but now exposing the ghastly nighthaunt staring down their target.

Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals vs Nighthaunt
Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals vs Nighthaunt

As the battle rages on...

As the battle rages on, Krondys and his Vindictors hold the tower as their reinforcements arrive and with Dragons breath they destroy several ghosts before the foul apparitions got close to the walls. But as the Ghosts swooped into the tower they promptly ripped apart a handful of the Vindictors in a gruesome display of violence.) Olynder raises her weapon, Staff of Midnight, into the air. The gleaning jewel within glimmers, she points it directly at all the Stormcast dead, “Rise once more warriors of Sigmar…rise and fight for the one true god Nagash!” Rising once more around their former allies, the dead of the Stormcast now made into a new nighthaunt!

After surviving the final attack from the fallen Krondys, Olynder will give a maddening laughter that echoes throughout the battlefield. She proudly announced in her piercing ethereal voice, “Behold your precious dragon is now ours! Praise be Nagash and all his glory!” (This declaration from the Mortiarch drives the Stormdrake guard into a revenge filled frenzy as they attempt to make their way to their Lord Krondys. They smash into the Lady with blade, tooth, and claw against her.) As the Storm drakes deal the final blow to Olynder, suddenly a cruel laughter fills the air as she begins to reform away from the drakes. She gives a blood curdling wail, which causes any spirits to disappear and reappear behind the ghostly queen. All the dead both nighthaunt and stormcast alike appear behind the Mortriarch

The Stormcast managed to win the battle, but lost the souls of their comrades and Lord alike.

“Have your precious tower back, we have claimed what is ours…the mighty dragon Krondys now serves the one true god Nagash.” Olynder gently spoke to herself as she turned to look upon her legion. “Praise be to Nagash! We have claimed what is rightfully ours and more! But it does not end here…no…we have more work to do. All have forgotten how generous we have been to allow their moments of joy. But like today we shall spread what it means to suffer! To toll away in agony…and to serve the one true god!” With that the blood soaked ghosts will disappear as quickly they appeared in the battlefield, taking the souls of fallen Stormcast and Krondys with them. Where the damned once stood strangely a page is left with a very childish drawing for anyone still alive to see. 

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