Warhammer 40,000 In Store Gaming Battles: Teeth and Toxins

Welcome to "Teeth and Toxins," a Warhammer 40,000 battle report where the feral hunger of the Tyranids meets the decaying grip of the Death Guard. In this showdown, it's not just a fight for territory; it's a brutal struggle for survival, where every move could mean the difference between victory and oblivion.

The Tyranids, an insatiable swarm driven by the Hive Mind, descend upon a blighted planet, their teeth and claws promising to devour all in their path. Facing them is the Death Guard, the grim servants of Nurgle, armed with vile toxins and relentless resilience. Their mission: to taint this world beyond all recognition, spreading disease and rot in the name of their Plague God.

Get ready for a grimdark ride through the Teeth and Toxins. It's a battle where every claw strike and every noxious fume could tip the balance. Will it be the relentless swarm or the enduring plague that emerges victorious? Join us to find out!

Teeth and Toxins 40,000 Battle

In this battle report, we'll take you through the epic confrontation as it unfolds. Who will prevail? Will the Tyranids overwhelm with sheer ferocity, or will the Death Guard's infectious resilience prove too much for the swarm? From strategic deployments to the final dice rolls, we'll cover the key moments, highlight pivotal moves, and explore the twists and turns that make Warhammer 40,000 so captivating.

A Massive Swarm...

With his eyes set to bring another imperial world into the loving embrace of Grandfather Nurgle, Typhus the Traveler, and his Harbingers of the first plague company, make planetfall outside the walls of a hive city alongside their daemon primarch Mortarion. As the imperial defense forces are brought low, amidst the slaughter, the Death Guard take notice of a new threat on the horizon. A massive swarm of Tyranids of Hivefleet Kraken descend upon the city seeking to claim the biomass of this world and deny the Grandfather his prize. Mortarion orders his first captain to muster his Harbingers and repel the xenos horde. A vicious exchange of teeth and toxins erupts amidst the ruins of city’s lower levels.

Teeth and Toxins 40,000 Battle
Teeth and Toxins 40,000 Battle

The Death Guard

The Death Guard fight their way through a virtually endless sea of fangs and talons as they make their way through the city streets. The presence of the Tyranid Tervigon proved troubling for the Death Lord’s kin, for with every pack of Termagants or Hormagaunts slain, another was spawned in rapid succession to take its place. Whilst Typhus raised Poxwalkers from the corpses of the slain imperial citizens to break the tide of the xenos swarm, Mortarion and a retinue of Blightlord Terminators faced off against the greater horrors of the Great Devourer.

Teeth and Toxins 40,000 Battle
Teeth and Toxins 40,000 Battle

After Slaying...

After slaying a ravenous pack of Genestealers and a Broodlord The Death Lord suffers a devastating blow from a Tyrannofex’s rupture cannon. Seeing the opportunity to finish the daemon primarch and claim victory, the Hivemind sends its most formidable beasts into a fury and charge the Death Lord with unrivaled ferocity. His diseased Bararan armored already rent, the savage strength and momentum of a titanic Screamer-Killer and Psychophage were enough to bring the daemon primarch low.

Teeth and Toxins 40,000 Battle

Top 3 Players Models Seen in This Battle Report

Typhus and the Pox Walkers


Broodlord and Genestealers


With Mortarion's fall, the Death Guard's assault crumbled against the relentless tide of Tyranids from Hivefleet Kraken. Typhus and his Harbingers fought back with brutal desperation, but the endless waves of claws and fangs proved overwhelming. The corrupted streets where plague marines once held sway now buzzed with swarming xenos, their sheer numbers too much for Nurgle's minions to hold at bay. Despite Typhus raising Poxwalkers to stem the tide, the swarm pressed on, sweeping over the city and driving the Death Guard into retreat. In the end, Hivefleet Kraken claimed the world, denying the forces of Chaos their prize, proving that even the mightiest warriors are vulnerable to the ceaseless hunger of the Tyranids.

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