Special Orders and Pre Orders

Hi Gamers!

We here at Gamers Path Manteca are more than happy to help you find the next item for your collection. We do take requests for our orders as well as pre-orders. The process is risk free and simple!

Email us (gamerspathmanteca@gmail.com) with the item you would like to order or pre-order from us. 

Once we receive your email we will check with our vendors to see if the item is one they carry - if they carry it, we will order it! If they do not carry it we will let you know that we are unable to order it. 

We know that our orders are not always fully fulfilled - as such we will keep you updated on any progress on the order. Our hope is that our distributors are able to get us the items we order within the week. Once the order is in our store we will ask for payment. You will receive an email from us about the order as well as an invoice from the store. We will hold all requested orders for 1 week from the time we get the item in store and send out the invoice. If the invoice is paid online, we will hold the order until you are able to make it in to the store. You can also pay in store at any time. After one week, if the order invoice remains unpaid, we will place the items on our shelves. 

Pre-orders will work in the same manner - email us to put your name on our preorder list and we will save one for you. 

Please reach out to us with any questions or requests.