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June 1st: Age Of Sigmar (3rd Edition) One Day Event

June 1st: Age Of Sigmar (3rd Edition) One Day Event

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Warhammer fans, gather your armies and prepare for battle! We are excited to announce our Age of Sigmar (3rd Edition) One-Day Multi-Round Game Day. This is your opportunity to engage in epic multi-round battles, meet fellow Warhammer enthusiasts, and claim glory for your faction! With a Trophy on the line, this is our competitive Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition Event.

Event Details:

  • Date: June 1st
  • Time: 11 am
  • Entry Fee: $15 per person

What to Expect:

  • Multi-Round Tournament: Battle it out over several rounds of Age of Sigmar (3rd Edition) gameplay. Test your strategy and wits against other skilled players for a chance to win fantastic prizes.
  • Prizes and Recognition: Compete for top honors and unique prizes for the best performances and best painted roster.
  • Community and Camaraderie: Meet other Age of Sigmar players, share tactics and ideas, and build connections within the Warhammer community.

How to Participate: Register in advance online or in store. Bring your 1,000 point armies, rulebooks, and everything you need for an action-packed day of gaming!

  • Contest of Generals matched play out of the core rulebook. 
  • Mission Bonus Points for painted models

Spread the Word: Invite your friends, share this post, and let's make this event unforgettable! Age of Sigmar (3rd Edition) One-Day Multi-Round Game Day is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and connect with fellow Warhammer enthusiasts.

May the best general win, and we look forward to seeing you at the event! Prepare for a day filled with epic battles, strategy, and fun!

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