Gamers Path Event Path to Glory - an Age of Sigmar Crusade

Path to Glory - an Age of Sigmar Crusade

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Welcome to our Age of Sigmar Path to Glory Campaign.

This is a Warhammer Narrative Campaign taking place in the Forgotten Realms, utilizing the Age of Sigmar 3rd edition rules.

When: May May 15th through June 24th. Sign up by May 12th to join the campaign. 

Ruses and Regulations: 

  •  This is a friendly competition - all skill levels are welcome and encouraged!
  • Players will be randomly divided into alliances of 4-6 players with a mandatory match each week. All match-ups to be posted in store and on Discord by May 13th.
  • Matches will follow the Path to Glory rules outlined in the core book on pgs 312-313, as well as the aftermath outlined on pgs 314-323.
  • During the Campaign, any two players in the same alliance may play a game against each other. This is optional and in addition to the mandatory matches.
  • Alliance friendlies are identical to mandatory matches, save for the following exception - No Glory points are earned for either army.
  • Players may play any number of alliance friendly matches, but never the same opponent twice.

Army Details

  • Order of Battle rosters are due to the store on paper prior to playing your first game against a team. The store can furnish blank paper copies upon request.
  • All starting armies are to be Vanguard armies (600 point value)
  • Rules for building an army are covered on pgs 304-311 of The Age of Sigmar Core Book.
  • All Current Age of Sigmar content published and errata as of May 1st is in effect. This means that the only 3rd edition battletomes legal for play are; Stormcast Eternals, Orruk Warclans, Maggotkin of Nurgle, Idoneth Deepkin, and Fireslayers. All other armies will use their second edition battletomes.
  • STORE RULING: Chaos Demons are allowed to be taken on an Order of Battle as troop choices.

Join us on Discord for the schedule and with any questions: