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Gamer's Path: Where Imagination is the Guide

We are a family-owned friendly local game store focused on bringing the joy of games  and imagination to the community. We offer a space to bring gamers together creating the experiences and life-style of a fun afternoon spent gaming. Gamers of all ages, style, and skill level welcome to explore and enjoy. 

We have a little bit of everything in store!

Warhammer products

Games Workshop

We carry a wide variety of Games Workshop games incuding Age of Sigmar, 40,000, Kill Team, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, and more! Not sure where to start? Let us help you decide!

Star Wars Legion and X-Wing table top games

TableTop Games!

In addition to Games Workshop, we also carry Star Wars Legion, Star Wars X-Wing, and Marvel Crisis Protocol! Come check out all of our table top options!

Dungeons and Dragons Books and Miniatures

Dungeons and Dragons

Where imagination is king! We have everything you could want for your next Dungeons and Dragons session - including books, miniatures, and dice!

Citadels Paints and Accessories Rack


No matter the game - we have the accessories! We have paints and tools for miniatures, dice, cases, and more! We have the supplies you need to prepare, create, and play!

Asmodee board games

Board Games!

We have board games for all types of players, skill level, ages, and group sizes! Ask us what we recommend!

Table Play Space in store

Play In Store!

Join us in store for some game play! We have 3 tables in store for you and an opponent to face off in a game of your choosing. We have terrain to choose from as well as drinks for sale! The tables can be rented for $10/hour - call the store today to reserve the table!

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We take Custom Orders!