We are a family-owned friendly local game store focused on bringing the joy of games and imagination to the community. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced gamer, you will be delighted with our diverse selection. You’ll find a great selection of modern board games, D&D and tabletop games (including Warhammer and Star Wars), miniatures, dice, and unique items that you won’t find at the ‘big box’ stores. Discover the best tools, accessories, paints and hobby books to help with your project. Meet owner Matt who loves to chat about and teach any game we have in store! As a family-owned and friendly local game store, you will find that we always have room at our table! With some imagination, we will help you create a fun afternoon of gaming, no matter your age, style, or skill level. All are welcome to come, explore, and enjoy all the the store has to offer!

We Take Custom Orders!

Looking for something specific? Call or e-mail the store! If we don't have it, we will add it to our shopping list! The process is risk free and simple! Let us know what you want, we will check with our vendors and see if we can get it in store! We will keep you updated on any progress on the order and once the order is in our store we will let you know so you can come in and pay for the item and take it home.

  • Weekly Store Blog

    Check out our store blog! We update this blog (almost) every week. This is Matt's space to share his thoughts about the store! It is also where we share thoughts about games that are taking place in store.

    Check Out Matt's Thoughts! 
  • Game Recaps Blog

    Check out some great game re-caps from members of our community and the many games they are playing in store! From Warhammer, to Star Wars, to Crisis Protocol, to BattleTech - whatever the game we love it in the store!

    Check Out some Game Recaps 
  • Health, Education, and Games!

    There are many ways that games can improve education and health, including self care! Plus, check out how we support health.

    Check out Kailin's musings on games!