Battletech In Store Gaming Battles: Dragons vs Clan Steel Viper

Step into the cockpit and brace for impact as our latest blog post takes you on a riveting journey through the war-torn landscapes of Battletech. In this action-packed game recap, we dissect the strategic maneuvers, pulse-pounding firefights, and unexpected plot twists that unfolded on the battlefield. Our recap delves into the relentless clashes of titanic machines, exploring the highs and lows of skirmishes that determined the fate of entire star systems.

Whether you're a seasoned mercenary or a newcomer intrigued by the world of futuristic warfare, our Battletech game recap promises a front-row seat to the intense action and immersive storytelling that defines this tabletop classic. Stay tuned as we unravel the epic tale of metal giants, cunning strategies, and the indomitable spirit of those who command them in the vast expanse of the Battletech universe.

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 A Battletech In Store Battle.

Battletech Battle
Ernie: Discord

We are so excited for Battletech to be taking off in our store!

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Battletech Gaming Battle
Discord: Ernie
Battletech Gaming Battle
Discord: Ernie

A Battletech game beigns

As the Dragons pushed up to engage the forces of Clan Steel Viper they were immediately fired upon luckily no one was it. They begin to push up more and try to flank two of the Steel Vipers mechs that push up mid. The Draconis Combines Locust swoops right behind the Hunchback and fires into their rear armor. But immediately pays the price for his actions as a Marauder opens up with ER PPCs into its back armor and destroys him.

This enraged the rest of the warriors of the mighty Dragon and they push even harder to the Steel Vipers. Lasers, Missiles and PPCs rip across the battlefield from both sides. Elemental units bound across the battlefield engaging the Elite Warriors of the Draconis Combine. The Warriors rip into the Warhammer and the pilot freaks out and falls his back after taking a clean headshot.

Battletech Gaming Battle
Discord: Ernie
Battletech Gaming Battle
Discord: Ernie

A Battletech Game Continues

The Commando sprints right up to the Warhammers face to get some heavy hits in as the mech is standing back up but is fired upon by the Marauder and 2 squads of Elementals he was able to shrug the SRMs from the trooper units but the ER PPCs rip into his mech and destroy his right leg causing him to fall down next to 3 squads of Elementals. His comrade in a Catapult also takes some serious damage and the pilot can keep his mech from falling down but the Dragons manage to do some more damage on the Warhammer and its pilot already wounded from his first tumble can't see straight and fails to keep his mech from falling over a second time. a PPC from a Awesome rips across the battlefield into a squad of Elementals and shreds the armor of one of the members but the troop survived.

The Pilot of the Awesome scans the battlefield and realizes that more of the Steel Vipers have the high ground which makes them fish in a barrel and instead of wasting the lives of his faithful comrades he calls a tactical retreat. But before he leaves he radios the Steel Vipers stating this isn't the last time they'll be seeing the Draconis Combine.

A Blood Bowl Battle Continues

They knew they needed to push hard to get through the Norse line. And push they did! Managing to sneak a Blitzer through and covered all the player who could get to him in a turn. The Norse, knowing they couldn't stop the Falcons from the TD ignored the Blitzer, and absolutely thrashed the rest if the team! Sending a further Lineman and a Blitzer to the Casualty box! Suddenly the game was 2-1 in the Falcons favor, the Norse dug deep, tightened their belts and harnesses, and started beating them senseless! Sending a 4th player into the casualty box and dropping several of them, the coaches called a time out with 3 turns left of the game.

After some brief discussions, the two Order coaches agreed that the game would end in a draw, with the Falcons utterly unable to stop the Drunkards from scoring, but they both agreed to prevent any future casualties. Ending the game in a draw! The fans were properly sated and a few of the lucky fans in the splash zone had to be hosed down after the game!

Game ended 2 - 2 with the Falcons putting two player total in the casualty box (one of which was the Yeti who was saved) and the Drunkards managed to send a whopping 4 Falcons to the Casualty box!

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