Blood Bowl In Store Gaming Battles: Norse vs Humans

Welcome to the heart-pounding arena of Blood Bowl, where touchdowns and triumphs are etched into the annals of tabletop history! In a spectacular showdown on the hallowed Blood Bowl pitch, the raucous cheers of fans echoed through the stadium! It was a clash of titans, a battle that would be etched into the annals of tabletop sports history.

Check out this great game recap from Daniel playing a Blood Bowl game!

 A Blood Bowl In Store Battle featuring the Norse Dastardly Drunkards vs the Human Officious Fighting Falcons (O.F.F.)

Blood Bowl Battle
Daniel: Discord


Falcon's Blood Bowl Coach - Discord

Blood Bowl - Norse vs Humans
Discord: Daniel
Blood Bowl - Norse vs Humans
Discord: Daniel

Blood Bowl - The Dastardly Drunkards vs. The Officious Fighting Falcons!

The game started off with an absolutely BRUTAL assault on the Humans line. The Falcons coach could be heard yelling "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LINE!?!?" not even fully through turn one. The game kept a brutal and bloody pace!

The first half saw the Drunkards drop and early touchdown. And then later in the half, the Yeti tried to blitz Onion, only to get double both downs. Onion pulled through fine, but the Yeti was almost killed! Thankfully, the Norse Apothecary rushed out to the field with a potent blend of brew and drugs and managed to get that Yeti ready enough to rejoin the next drive. With the Yeti off the pitch, the Falcons worked hard to manage to squeeze a Catcher through the lines with the ball and score. But not without having a Lineman knocked cleanly into the casualty box and miss next game.

Blood Bowl - Norse vs Humans
Discord: Daniel
Blood Bowl - Norse vs Humans
Discord: Daniel

Blood Bowl: 3 Games from Daniel

First Blood Bowl game was a Division Friendly. Officious Fighting Falcons vs. Amazon Prime! Which ended 1-2 making Amazon Prime the winner! Some notes on that game... Onion failed 8/16 Bone Head rolls, but still managed to get one casualty to secure him Guard! But overall a very casualty low game. The blood bowl Fans loved all the fights, but you could tell they were let down by the utter lack of blood spray and viscera.

Second blood bowl game was a week 2 League Fixture ! Officious Fighting Falcons played against Sepulcher Stalkers! The game ended 1-1 in a Draw! The fans absolutely loved seeing the absurdity of the both cute AND deadly combination that is the Stalkers players. For all their Undead resilience and ruthlessness, the Falcons managed to just barely keep themselves in the game. And to the utter fury of the crowd, it was yet again a very casualty low game! The cheers were starting to turn to savage roars! Both players gain 1 League Points.

And lastly we have the third blood bowl game which was a week 3 League Fixture! The Officious Fighting Falcons vs. Sauros Smashers! Which ended 3-0 for a win for the Falcons! This game saw some brutal plays and the crowd loved seeing fan favorite Fettucine, the Halfling Hopeful, who truly tried to punch above his weight class as the Falcons managed to set up not 1, not 2, but 3 fouls off on Baymax the Kroxigor! But each time that tricky Halfling managed to break his armor, only to fail to do more than stun him. But that wasn't enough for the fans. This game was drastically low on any casualties, and the unsated bloodthirst of the entire stands spilled over and wrecked havoc on the surrounding areas! O.F.F. managed to pick up 5 League Points here (3 for win, 1 for 3 TD's, 1 for no TD's given).

A Blood Bowl Battle Continues

They knew they needed to push hard to get through the Norse line. And push they did! Managing to sneak a Blitzer through and covered all the player who could get to him in a turn. The Norse, knowing they couldn't stop the Falcons from the TD ignored the Blitzer, and absolutely thrashed the rest if the team! Sending a further Lineman and a Blitzer to the Casualty box! Suddenly the game was 2-1 in the Falcons favor, the Norse dug deep, tightened their belts and harnesses, and started beating them senseless! Sending a 4th player into the casualty box and dropping several of them, the coaches called a time out with 3 turns left of the game.

After some brief discussions, the two Order coaches agreed that the game would end in a draw, with the Falcons utterly unable to stop the Drunkards from scoring, but they both agreed to prevent any future casualties. Ending the game in a draw! The fans were properly sated and a few of the lucky fans in the splash zone had to be hosed down after the game!

Game ended 2 - 2 with the Falcons putting two player total in the casualty box (one of which was the Yeti who was saved) and the Drunkards managed to send a whopping 4 Falcons to the Casualty box!

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