Blood Bowl In Store Gaming Battles: Shambling Undead vs Wood Elves

Blood Bowl Season 3 has kicked off in store with a game between Korpse-a-Kai and Officious Fighting Falcons! 

Step onto the Blood Bowl pitch as we recount the bone-crushing clash between the Shambling Undead & the agile Wood Elves.

" Who will come out on top? Who will have the most hurt players? We will find out this evening!" The questions on everyone's mind during Blood Bowl!

Daniel: Discord

Blood Bowl Pitch
Jason: Discord

Blood Bowl Begins with some Chatter

Chatter about Blood Bowl started on the Discord  with Daniel:

"Tonight we will see the brutal, the malicious, the Team that puts the "U dead" in Undead! Korpse-a Kai! Taking on a newcomer to the Gamers Path Blood Bowl scene, the Officious Fighting Falcons! They have plenty of spunk, fresh faces, and a slightly used Hafling Hopeful! And they are ready to chase the fame and start picking up some fans. Who will come out on top? Who will have the most hurt players? We will find out this evening!!!"

Which saw this response from Jason:

"Korpse-A Kai Necroman.....uhhhh Blood Bowl Coach Scary Silver has been quoted.

"After the unfortunate Clerical error that led to the massacre of my championship caliber team, I was unsure what to do. But after a rigorous recruitment drive at the local graveyard, I am proud to announce that Korpse-A Kai is returning to the pitch, to engage in the hard hitting style of Blood Bowl you have come to expect from us! I would like to extend my hand in friendship to our opponent and remind them that our recruitment efforts never stop! No matter what happens tonight, your players may always find a home with us!"

Blood Bowl battle
Jason: Discord
Blood Bowl Match
Jason: Discord

The Blood Bowl Game

Well boys and ghouls the Blood Bowl league has kicked off and blood has drawn! Korpse-a Kai met the plucky newcomers O.F.F. in the first league match of the season! The rust was clearly showing on the Underground team, as O.F.F.'s intrepid Ogre, Onion managed to send both Zombie Sharon Needles and Mummy The Inevitable off the pitch with injuries!

The Korpses managed to regroup and the Ghoul known as The Red Smile scored his first of two touchdowns! This was definitely a game of two halves, as the late score seemed to send a shock through this tough Human team. Well a shock, as well as two consecutive kickoffs where the Undead decided to ignore those pesky rules and attack the team before the ball even landed! There was blood in the air, and if these guys had noses, I'd say they smelled it!

Bones Jackson put the ball into the end zone late in the second half of the Blood Bowl match to earn Korpse-a Kai a 3-0 victory! They take home 5 league points, and have clearly sent a message to the rest of the league! That message? I think The Red Smile said it best when he said "GRRRREUUUUUUUUUUUUU"

We love seeing the Discord chatter before the game and the narratives of the games that appear afterwards! Seeing the first games of Season 3 of Blood Bowl in our store this week has been so much fun and we can't wait to see how it all plays out over the next several weeks!

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