Respawn & Recharge: Celebrate in Life with Games

Celebrate Life with Games

In a world that's constantly evolving, so too are our methods of celebration. As we seek innovative ways to bring joy, laughter, and lasting memories to our gatherings, one timeless element stands out - the universal language of games. Whether you're commemorating a milestone, hosting a party, or simply looking to infuse more fun into your life, games offer a dynamic and engaging avenue for celebration.

Picture this: laughter echoing, competitive spirits soaring, and a sense of camaraderie filling the air as people of all ages come together to share in the joy of play. The world of gaming provides a versatile and inclusive canvas for celebration.

Join us on a journey where we explore the symbiotic relationship between games and celebrations. Discover how the strategic placement of a board game can transform any gathering into an unforgettable experience. Let's dive into the realm where play meets celebration, and together, let's unlock the secrets to creating moments that are not only celebrated but also cherished for years to come. Level up your festivities and let the games begin!

Being a local game store owner comes with a lot of challenges. There is one challenge we don't experience - a lack of games to choose from! That being said, both Matt and I make a point of making the time to play games. We find it to be a great source of self-care, relaxation, and fun!

Games for Celebration and Re-Connecting

Between owning and running Gamer's Path and me being a night shift ER nurse, it is safe to say that sometimes Matt and I are ships passing in the night. If I am on a stretch of shifts, we can go more than 3 days without saying more than "I love you" as I crawl into bed and push Matt out of bed to start his day. To say that we have to work at making time for each other is an understatement. But we do it!

One of our favorite ways to spend time together is with games. Be it playing at home or on the road, games are an easy way to spend time together and chat! We can sometimes be a tad competitive in our game play while at other times just playing for fun - but either way, we always enjoy it! And I always win - what else could the kiss at the end possibly mean?

Self care drawing

Celebrate Anniversaries with Games

Every year Matt and I get away to celebrate our anniversary. We don't typically go to far and usually just for a couple of nights. I have three requirements for our getaways - I want an in-room jacuzzi tub for relaxation, I want a place to play games, I require at least 2 bottles of sparkling apple cider for the trip.

We often times will spend hours just enjoying each others company and playing games on these little trips. We learn new games (this last trip was Splendor Duel!) and reflect on memories with our reliable games. We have quite the collection of travel games and can usually get 6-10 games in our duffle bag, if not more!

Self care and Gaming to Celebrate

Celebrate Birthdays with Games!

One of the downsides of both of our jobs - we often end up working our birthdays. This year though, I was able to spend some time running the store so that Matt could get some quality time gaming with some players in our community! He also got some great snacks and loved the singing of Happy Birthday. Although why Matt thinks playing games is a good idea on his birthday I am not entirely sure - it seems that playing on his birthday is the one day a year he is basically guaranteed to lose!

Today he played Kyle in Age of Sigmar. Kyle's game report reads "the sacrosanct seekers attempted to purify a site while Brodd's Guard minus Brodd saw a chance for a good old fashioned fight and that they got. Despite all falling by the 5th round their foul flatulence was able to stop the ritual in a major victory."

Celebrate with Games

As I am typing this post, Matt is currently enjoying a game of Warcry! with Mitch in the store. I just keep hearing "I have to take a picture of that!" and they seem to be having a lot a fun. I don't even think Matt realizes it is past closing time (although we are often playing games in the store past closing). I just hope the game doesn't go so long that it is no longer Matt's birthday... but it can't really list another 3 hours... right?

I interrupted the game to take this picture (so that I can post this blog and be done "working"). I asked Matt to smile and he said "It is kinda hard right now, my vampires are getting killed" - so I guess Matt will continue his tradition of losing games on his birthday.

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