Respawn & Recharge: Life is Why Self Care Matters

Life is Why: Self Care Matters

Self-care is not a luxury but a necessity for leading a healthy and fulfilling life. It is a proactive approach to well-being that recognizes the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional health. By acknowledging the importance of self-care, individuals empower themselves to live more balanced, resilient, and purposeful lives. 

Find out more about this belief and how it fits in with gaming!

A Little About Me

My name is Kailin. As Matt has taken to saying recently, he is the guy behind the counter, and I am the woman behind the guy. I love that we are able to take our passions and turn them into life long careers. For Matt, that is this wonderful store. For me, I became a nurse. I am an Emergency Department nurse and I worked the front lines throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. It was during this time that I lost and then re-found my passion for nursing through self care. At its core, nursing is about empowering people to live the healthiest lives they can. Which is why I am starting this blog. I firmly believe that self care is an important part of life and for me and Matt, gaming is a huge part of our self-care. 

Self care drawing

Self Care and Gaming

I firmly believe that health is fulfilling of mind, body, and soul. There are a lot of resources in the world about healthy bodies, which is why I want to focus on health minds and healthy souls! I know first hand the importance of taking care of your mental health, practicing self care, and putting yourself first sometimes. I am passionate about self-care and empowering others to take better care of their of mental health. For me, self-care includes games (of course), art, time with my husband and family, Disney, and stolen moments. For this community, I want to focus on how self-care and gaming fit together.

Self care and Gaming

Supporting Self Care through Health

Hand in hand with nursing, is health. I am passionate about empowering others to live a healthy life. This is a life that is fulfilling of mind, body, and soul. This passion has led to the store supporting community efforts in research and health!

Most recently, we have added snacks and drinks to our store offerings. While most of these are "unhealthy" snacks (moderation, making the soul happy, etc.) we are also being sure to include some healthier options. We love having granola bars on hand, and in support of not skipping meals, we also offer some soup and mac and cheese. We hope to continue to expand this selection too!

While the goal is to improve your gaming experience by having snacks available for purchase in store - We also did more than that! For the month of February we donated all of the proceeds from snacks and drinks to the American Heart Association as a part of the Life is Why campaign. With your help, we exceeded our goal of $200 for Life is Why!

Self care

Matt and I both are passionate about healthy communities and our lives and families have been touched by heart disease. We joined the American Heart Association as we inspire consumers to honor their reasons to live healthier, longer lives – by giving. Matt and I give for each other, for our love of gaming and Disney, for our love of family, and for our community. We give because we want to live longer to make more memories with those who are important to us.

So, keep an eye out for future blog posts on how Gaming leads to a healthy life!

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