Meet the Owners!

Hi Gamers! We thought we would take a moment to share with you all a little about us! 

My name is Kailin and I have embarked on this journey with my husband Matt - and we are excited to be the new owners of Gamer's Path! We met in high school (that was soooo long ago!) and quickly became best friends - spending all of our spare time together. This time together included Matt teaching me how to play Magic the Gathering (because that is all he did during lunch and I wanted to hang out with him). Then I went away to college - during which time we started dating. 

We dated and got engaged while doing the distance thing! I graduated with my nursing degree in February 2017 and we got married in March of 2017.

We now spend most Sunday afternoons with family playing various board games and the occasional Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Our game collection has grown a lot in our marriage - it now takes up half of a closet - and we aren't about to stop.

Especially since our vacations and anniversaries are spent playing games in hotel rooms between adventures! 

Matt and I made the crazy decision to take on owning a game store in the middle of the pandemic. We opened the new location in September 2020 and have re-rearranged the store multiple times to foster community growth and gaming. In early 2023, we moved yet again to a new location to get more game space!

Matt is the face of the store and is usually the man behind the counter running the day to day business. Kailin works as a registered nurse and continues to support the store behind the scenes managing the banking and the social media.


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