Inside the Dice Bag: April Gamer's Path FLGS Adventures

Hello again, gamers! It's time for another thrilling recap of all the exciting happenings at Gamer's Path FLGS. As we gear up for a new month, let's take a moment to look back at the amazing adventures we've shared in the world of gaming. From intense battles to fun-filled gatherings, our game store has been buzzing with activity, and we can't wait to share all the highlights with you. We know that it is our community and events that make us a true Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) which is why we love highlihgting them!

Tournaments and Events in April at Gamer's Path (a FLGS)

This month, we kicked off an exciting 6-week Blood Bowl tournament that's sure to keep the competitive spirit alive! Players have been eagerly forming teams and strategizing for glory on the pitch, with nail-biting matches and unexpected upsets keeping everyone on their toes. We love these type of events because they spotlight the friendly in FLGS!

Alongside this thrilling competition, we hosted a fun-filled farewell to Age of Sigmar 3rd edition, celebrating the final moments of this chapter in the Age of Sigmar saga. The farewell event featured a nostalgic atmosphere as players relived some of the most memorable battles and moments from the edition. It was a great way to bring our community together to embrace the past while looking forward to the exciting new adventures to come. We love that our community has banded around us as a FLGS and is able to have these less competitive events!

FLGS Age of Sigmar Event
Marz - Discord
FLGS Age of Sigmar Event
Marz - Discord

New Products In Your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS)!

April came bearing a wealth of new arrivals and eagerly anticipated releases. Your FLGS's shelves were filled with the latest in skirmish gaming, much to the delight of our dedicated customers. From strategic thinkers to fantasy fans, everyone found something to get excited about. The standout additions included the new Gnome Blood Bowl team, Legion Imperialis sets, and two new Warcry bands.

Warcry New Releases
Blood Bowl Gnomes Team
Inside of Token Container

Spotlight on Community Engagement at Gamer's Path

In our drive to truly be a Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS), we created a Discord for the community! Our game store's Discord channel is more than just a chat room—it's a thriving hub for community engagement. Whether you're seeking a friendly opponent for your next game or want to discuss strategies and tips, our Discord is the place to be. Gamers of all levels gather here to share their passion, coordinate meetups, and even arrange last-minute games. It's an inclusive space where you can find like-minded individuals ready to roll dice, shuffle decks, or maneuver miniatures on the battlefield. So, whether you're an experienced player or just getting started, hop onto our Discord channel to connect with our vibrant community and find your next gaming buddy. Your FLGS is a perfect place to meet up and enjoy a game together. 

Crisis Protocol Game
Marz - Discord (Crisis Protocol Game)
Warhammer 40,000Game
Ernie - Discord (Warhammer 40k Game)

From Left to Right: Floot - Discord (Star Wars Legion Game), HellUhJohn - Discord (Painted Mini), Oeliyahuo - Discrord (Painted Mini)

Looking Ahead at May in Gamer's Path FLGS

As we say goodbye to April and look forward to the adventures May has in store, one thing is clear: the camaraderie and community spirit that make our game store special will keep growing. With a calendar brimming with exciting events, new releases on the way, and endless chances for fun and friendship, the road ahead is shaping up to be truly epic. So, gamers, get ready, roll those dice, and join us as we start another thrilling chapter in the story of our FLGS.

May 2024 Gamer

What Special Events are happening in May?

Check out our Events Page for all the details! This month we have: 

- May 4th: Shatterpoint Demo Day

- May 11th: Star Wars Legion Event

- May 18th: Warhammer Underworlds Event

- May 25th: Shatterpoint Event

- June 1st: Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition competitive event. 

What Events happen Regularly?

We have so many FREE weekly events in our store! Check out the Events Page for all the details.

Wednesday 6pm - 9pm: Hobby Night and Battletech

Thursday 6pm - 9pm: Star Wars Legion

Friday 6pm - 9pm: Non-GW Skirmish Games

2nd and 4th Sunday 11:30am - 4:30pm: Board Games with USS Balthasar

1st and 3rd full weekends: Warhammer Weekends

Can I rent a table to play?

Definitely! Just call the store to reserve the table! Table costs $10 per hour (no per player or per game cost). We also have a Membership Program if you want to play often!

Where can I find an opponent?

Check out our  Discord  for all the community happenings! 

In closing, this month has been an amazing ride filled with epic battles, new releases, and a whole lot of fun. We are grateful for your continued support and for being a part of our vibrant gaming community. With more exciting events on the horizon and new games to explore, the next month is set to be just as thrilling. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we can't wait to see you back at the game store. Until then, be sure to check out our other blog posts, keep gaming and stay awesome!

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