Inside the Dice Bag: March 2024 Gamer's Path Adventures

Welcome back, fellow gamers, to another exciting recap of all the adventures at our game store! As we roll the dice into a new month, let's take a moment to reflect on the fantastic adventures we've embarked upon together in the gaming realm. From epic battles to heartwarming gatherings, our game store has been bustling with activity, and we're thrilled to share the highlights with you.

Building our Game Store Community

March brought with it a treasure trove of new arrivals and eagerly awaited releases. Our game store shelves were adorned with the latest new releases in skirmish gaming much to the delight of our loyal patrons. From strategy enthusiasts to fantasy aficionados, there was something for everyone to sink their teeth into. Among the standout additions were the Old World boxes!

Tournaments and Events at Gamer's Path

The competitive spirit was alive and well in our game store this month as we hosted a series of exhilarating tournaments and events. Tabletop warriors has the opportunity to learn some new games this month with a Malifaux demo day and a one-day event featuring Marvel Crisis Protocol. Additionally, our community events provided a welcoming space for gamers of all ages and backgrounds to come together, forge new friendships, and celebrate their shared passion for gaming.

  • The Necromunda Campaign came to a conclusion in March! This multi-week tournament has been so much fun to watch unfold in our game store and on our Discord! Results are pending, but should be posted soon in Discord!
  • The beginning of March saw a Malifaux Demo Day. We are so excited to bring this new line into our game store and get everyone excited for something new. 
  • The middle of March saw a One-Day Event from Marvel Crisis Protocol: Just the Parker Luck! A small group of 2 enjoyed some great game play. We can't wait to see this game take off more.

Crisis Protocol: Just the Parker Luck Event

"Crisis protocol is great becuase the mission can be run more than once and have different outcomes and still be fun!!"


Spotlight on Community Engagement at Gamer's Path

At the heart of our game store is our vibrant and diverse community of gamers, whose passion and enthusiasm continue to inspire us every day. We are always proud to showcase the creative talents of local artists and highlight the achievements of our youngest gamers. We were reminded once again of the powerful bonds that unite us through our love of games. 

We took some time this month to re-vamp our Discord page for the community! Have you seen the changes? 

  • We have figured out channel tagging and role tagging to help cut down on notifications that do not pertain to you as an individual to make sure that your experience is personalized!
  • We have added some bots to help maintain roles as well as help bring information from Discord to our other social media for the game store! 
  • We continue to interact with everyone and encourage our newer members to share and our expert members to give advice! 
  • This month we have loved see a lot of creativity happening in our building and painting channel!

Marz via Discord

"Because I needed to"

Marz (discord) on why we share!

Looking Ahead at Gamer's Path for April

As we bid farewell to March and eagerly anticipate the adventures that await us in April, one thing is certain: the spirit of camaraderie and camaraderie that defines our game store will continue to thrive. With a calendar packed full of exciting events, new releases on the horizon, and endless opportunities for fun and friendship, the journey ahead promises to be nothing short of legendary. So, fellow gamers, gear up, roll the dice, and join us as we embark on another thrilling chapter in the story of our game store.

March FLGS line-up

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the halls of our game store. We hope you enjoyed this monthly recap and found inspiration in the tales of adventure and camaraderie that we shared. Until next time, may your dice rolls be lucky, your strategies sound, and your gaming experiences unforgettable. Happy gaming, and may your adventures be ever epic!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Special Events are happening in April?

Check out our event page for all the details! Upcoming this month we have the start of our Blood Bowl Tournament and a one-day Kill Team event!

What Events happen Regularly?

We have so many FREE weekly events in our store! Check out the events page for all the details. 

Wednesday 6pm - 9pm: Hobby Night and Battletech

Thursday 6pm - 9pm: Star Wars Legion

Friday 6pm - 9pm: Non-GW Skirmish Games

2nd and 4th Sunday 11:30am - 4:30pm: Board Games with USS Balthasar

1st and 3rd full weekends: Warhammer Weekends

Can I rent a table to play?

Definitely! Just call the store to reserve the table! Table costs $10 per hour (no per player or per game cost)

Where can I find an opponent?

Check out our Discord for all the community happenings! 

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