Necromunda Campaign Begins in Store

It is here! This last week we kicked off Gangers’ Paradise, the shops first venture into the skirmish wargame of Necromunda! Check out the fun we had! 

Necromunda wargame set up

"We wanted to start playing the Necromunda wargame in store to give some variaty to tabletop gaming"

Necromunda wargame battle defense on top of building

What is Necromunda?

Necromunda is a tabletop miniature wargame that is part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and focuses on skirmish-level battles between small groups of warriors in the dystopian, industrial hive cities of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

The setting of Necromunda is characterized by massive hive cities, sprawling structures that house billions of people and are rife with crime, poverty, and corruption. Gangs, made up of various factions and representing different Houses or factions within the hive, vie for control and dominance in the lower levels of these cities.

Players typically control a gang, customizing and evolving it over campaigns. The game emphasizes narrative storytelling and character development, as the members of a gang gain experience, injuries, and unique skills over time.

Necromunda has gained a dedicated fan base due to its immersive setting, detailed miniature models, and the narrative-driven gameplay that allows players to create and follow the stories of their gangs in the grim and dark future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Two Necromunda gangs fighting in a skirmish
Kyle (Discord)

Necromunda in the store!

This last week saw the kick off of the Gangers’ Paradise, the shops first venture into the skirmish wargame of Necromunda. 11 players took part in a whopping 12 games to establish some early grudges in our newest background campaign. This is already shaping into a wild one, with “blind” ghouls that appear from the shadows, dwarves toting heavy firepower, hoverboards and chain axes. We’ll be playing 10 more weeks of this Necromunda campaign, and things will only get crazier.

This Necromunda campaign is an 8 month effort, fed not only by the owners, but several community members as well. Back in April, Matt took the opportunity to bring Necromunda into Gamer’s Path, as the models looked cool and different from the usual Warhammer models. Upon testing out the skirmish game with a few customers, more people got interested. Come July, during a lackluster Kill Team campaign, more players got sucked into the still growing story of Necromunda, even as more books, gangs and even a new campaign were being released. Four community members began working on the logistics of running a Necromunda campaign for more than the recommended eight players, even as the store was going through the Warzone Octarius Crusade for Warhammer 40k. Finally, in late December, we announced the Gangers’ Paradise campaign. Every player showed up with painted models, and we cannot wait to see what stories unfold in the coming weeks.

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