Our Gaming Community Weekly Recap: February 14th

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Life Is Why  - Gaming community version

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you had a great weekend! We know that a LOT has been happening in the store, and not just in a gaming sense! So today, Kailin is taking over (most of) the blog post to share some great news in supporting our gaming community.

Gaming community has moved!
Snacks and Gamers Path

We moved... and we have snacks for the gaming community!

Did you know that we moved? We have been in the new location for a week now, so hopefully you did know and have even come by and visited us in the new location. We are so excited about the positive changes this will bring for the gaming community that supports us. If this is news to you - check out the previous post for all the details of our move and what that means for some great new gaming space!

With the move came some expansion! We have more gaming space and more retail space! One of the things we are super excited about is that we have added SNACKS to our selection! In addition to the sodas, water, and energy drinks we already had, we now have chips, cookies, granola bars, popcorn, and more! Everything our gaming community might enjoy while playing!

We hope to improve your gaming experience by having snacks available for your to purchase in store. BUT we are doing more than that this month! We are donating all the proceeds from snack and drink purchases for the month of February to the American Heart Association as a part of the Life is Why campaign. This gaming community is part of our life is why reasoning! 

Life Is Why

Matt and I both are passionate about healthy communities and our lives and families have been touched by heart disease - so this month we are giving back! Join the American Heart Association as we inspire consumers to honor their reasons to live healthier, longer lives – by giving. Matt and I give for each other, for our love of gaming and Disney, for our love of family, and for our community. We give because we want to live longer to make more memories with those who are important to us.

We have set a goal of $200 of proceeds to go to the Life is Why campaign and we are hoping that you all will help us fill our our poster board! With any donation (cash or buy purchasing snacks or drinks) we will give you a life is why sticker to help us motivate others and to honor your reason for giving!

Well.. that is it for this week in the Gamer's Path gaming community! Well.. that is it for this week - and boy was that a LOT! Moving, Life is Why donation, AND gaming! We can't wait to see what shenanigans we get up to in the coming week! And don't worry, Matt will be back to full gaming re-caps next week! No matter what game you want to join us for - we hope you will come on in to the store! We are loving all of the Necromunda, Blood Bowl, and miniatures painting that is happening and can't wait to see what the next week brings!

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