Our Gaming Community Weekly Recap: August 1st

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Gaming Community Weekly Review

Happy Tuesday for our wonderful gaming community! We hope you had a great weekend! We know we had a great week of gaming fun. Check out everything that happened!

Gaming community completed Path to Glory
Warcry coming  to our gaming community

Gaming Community Events!

Thank you to all the participants who have helped make this Path to Glory a wild and memorable ride in our gaming community. From Stone Dragons taking on Daemon Princes, to farting giants and a ghostly fanboy, and even an army that just wants to turn everything into Chaos Spawn, the games have been wild and wacky. While the store's event will be coming to a close soon, remember that it is never to late to begin your own Path to Glory adventure!

With Path to Glory coming to a close, we figured it's time to announce our next events for the gaming community: Warcry - Into the Gnarlwood (multi-week tournament) and Warcy - Bunker Mission: Test of Champions (One Day Event). These two events are calling to all Age of Sigmar fans who love skirmish games, and want a chance to face something truly wild.

August 12, Noon-5 is the Warcry: Test of Champions Tournament. This event is a 3 round, matched-play event using the Bunker mission pack, 1000 point rosters, and the matched play list building rules found in the Core Book and PDF download. Registration is $10 per person

August 20 begins a 6-8 week campaign into the Gnarlwood, where warbands will quest for treasure, fight for Glory and Reputation, or perhaps be consumed by the ravenous trees of the forest. This Narrative campaign's length is determined by the number of participants, and as per usual, players are committing to 1 game a week for the event duration. Registration is due by the 19th, and is $15 per person.

Bunker in the gaming community
Gaming community joins Bunker

Bunker comes to the Gamer's Path gaming community

I am excited to announce that Gamer's Path will be participating in the Bunker Hobby events with out gaming community!

This is a free hobby and game driven way to stay involved with monthly Games Workshop challenges and events. Every challenge you complete, and event you participate in is worth a point, and you can gain a maximum of 5 points a month. These points are solely for you to keep track of your progress, as well as compare to others in the global community.

Tasks for the month of August include:

  • Painting a Hero/Leader model and posting it online (tagging Bunker, White Dwarf, and Gamer's Path) or Painting up models for the Combat Patrol Tournament
  • Playing any of the special Scenarios in the July copy of White Dwarf (available at the shop)
  • Participating in the Bunker Combat Patrol Tournament

From August 1st to October 31st, Gamer's Path will be tracking and occasionally hosting a Combat Patrol tournament for the gaming community. This event is perfect for players looking to learn 40k 10th edition, as combat patrol is a smaller scale than full blown 40k.

This event will be tracked via our Discord Campaign and Event Channel, as games do not have to be played in the shop, but a record of games played is needed (as well as pictures). Points will be scored based on games played, games won, games your army was fully painted to battle ready, and games against unique opponents. 7 battle titles are up for grabs, so join in this free event.

Well.. that is it for this week in the gaming community! We can't wait to see what shenanigans we get up to in our gaming community the coming week! No matter what game you want to join us for - we hope you will come on in to the store! We love getting to play and watch all the games. So weather you are looking for a 40k game, and Age of Sigmar rival, a Star Wars rebel to fight, or just some tips and tricks for painting - come on in and join us and our growing gaming community!

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