We are "Moving" next door!

Hello Gamers!

It is with a great deal of thought that we write this blog post today. We are so excited and proud to be a part of this gaming community and to help grow the community. We have made so many new friends through this store and are truly loving every step of it. It is because we love this store and the community so much that we have to make some changes – changes that will, hopefully, allow us to continue to be a part of this community for many more years to come.

We will be “moving” stores and downsizing a little bit. We have plans in place to downsize our sister location next door to us, and put the entirety of Gamer’s Path in the back half of the Bricks and Minifigs store space. While we may be down-sizing a little bit, there will not be that noticeable of a change in products – rather just in where the space lives! We will continue to support all gaming in our store and have a play space. We will continue to carry fully table top games (Warhammer, X-wing, Legion, and Marvel Crisis Protocol), D&D, miniatures, dice, board games, and Pokemon (as much as we can get from our vendors!). We also continue to plan to bring Magic the Gathering sealed packs back into the store this July.  The space that the game store occupies will be comparable to where it is now, just in the back of the Bricks and Minifigs LEGO store.

While this decision was a tough one to make, we would rather our stores be a little smaller and still a part of our community. We appreciate and thank you all for your support of our store. We have faith that this store and our small business will continue to grow and be around for years to come – and it is because of that faith and encouragement that we can confidently make this move and know that it will pay off in the long run.

All that being said – we want to celebrate with a “Moving” sale that will run through the end of the month! Almost EVERYTHING* in the store is 10% off with clearance items (that will disappear June 1st) 50% off!

*Pokemon not included


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